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Mini Bar Cocktails

You’ve checked in to your guest suite. You have the bed that makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, the ultra-plush robe and some time to relax. So, what’s missing? A cocktail, of course!

When you stay at the Delafield Hotel, you don’t even need to leave your room to enjoy your favorite top-shelf mixed drink. Bust into the minibar and you’ll be a mixologist in no time with these cocktail combinations.

Morning Sips

Bloody Mary = Zing Zang + Tito's

Screwdriver = OJ + Tito's

Beermosa = OJ + Spotted Cow

Mimosa - Sparkling wine + OJ

Bailey's Irish Coffee = Baileys + Coffee

The Classics

Vodka Soda = Tito’s + Soda Water

Tequila Soda = Patron + Soda Water

Rum and Coke = Bacardi + Coke

Rum and Diet = Rum + Diet Coke

Whiskey Coke = Jack Daniel’s + Coke (or Diet Coke)

Pre-made In-room

On The Rocks Cosmopolitan

On The Rocks Old Fashioned

On The Rocks Margarita

Sip in your suite or enjoy one of the expertly crafted libations at our in-house restaurant and bar, I.d. Take your pick from a wide variety of delicious, aesthetically pleasing craft cocktails or choose from the award-winning wine and beer lists.


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