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Five Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique in 2020

We’ve reached the height of engagement season, which makes now the perfect time to share a few of our favorite ways to make your wedding stand out from the crowd! There are always some new, crazy wedding trends that emerge every year–from dresses to flowers to food–but we kept it simple with five things that will make your wedding unique.

Signature cocktails

Add your personality to cocktail hour and serve a signature cocktail or two. Your guests can sip on your favorite drinks, like spicy margaritas or old fashioneds, while socializing and snacking on hors d’oeuvres. We suggest having them passed around by wait staff to keep your bar lines short and your guests happy.

Fun favors

Think outside the box with your wedding favors! Instead of little bags of candy that usually get left on the table at the end of the night, what are some things your guests would like? A cigar bar or martini stations are fun, interactive options, and we also love when couples donate to their favorite charity in the names of their guests.

Mini pastries

Instead of an extravagant cake, opt for mini pastries and dessert bites. This will give you a customized approach to dessert and allow your guests a variety of sweets to choose from and enjoy while mingling during the reception. Some of our favorite tiny desserts include mini trifles and bite-sized cheesecakes.

Including your pets

Whether you want your furry friend to accompany you down the aisle or just be a part of your photos, having your pet participate in the festivities will make your day extra special. Just make sure to check with your venue beforehand! (Don’t worry, we’re pet friendly.)

"... having your pet participate in the festivities will make your day extra special."

Sunday brunch

Skip the day-after-wedding brunch and make your actual wedding the brunch! You can start the ceremony by mid-morning and have your reception end by late-afternoon. Plus, who wouldn’t want eggs benedict and pancakes on their wedding menu?"

(And, remember, that no matter what food you serve or what favors you give, your wedding will be the best because it will be a reflection of you as a couple.)


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