Why You Should Have a Friday Night Wedding

February 15, 2018


Friday? More like Fri-YAY. It’s the last day of the school and work week, and it’s everyone’s favorite day, so why not get married on the best day of the week? Your guests can celebrate the end of a long week with your beautiful, cost-effective wedding.

There are many reasons to have a Friday night wedding, but we compiled a list of our favorites:

Party All Night
With a Friday wedding, you have the ability to celebrate late into the night and recover on Saturday since most of your guests probably won’t have to work over the weekend. If things get wild at your wedding Friday night, you have all day Saturday to bounce back, then you can actually get things done on Sunday before returning to work on Monday. 


Photo by: Heather Cook Elliott Photography


Party All Weekend
After your wedding Friday night, you have the rest of the weekend to spend with your guests. You can plan a Saturday brunch or other activities to allow for extra time with guests, especially if they’re from out of town and you don’t get to see them often. If you’re getting married in an area with plenty to do, your guests can stick around and turn your wedding weekend into a mini-vacation.

More Room for Activities
There are aspects of a Friday wedding that are less expensive than a Saturday wedding, like your venue. After factoring in those savings, you now have more to spend on the fun extras, like a photobooth or late-night food stations. Helloooooo, pizza station and nacho bar!



The Best of Guests
You might be worried that guests will be unable to attend your wedding because it’s on a Friday and they might have to take a day or two off work, but as I.d.’s general manager, Bailey, says, “If I got married on a Tuesday afternoon, all of my favorite people would show up.” Take that mentality into planning a Friday wedding: Your favorite people will find a way to make it work. So, your second cousin twice removed and your fourth grade teacher might not be able to make it, but at least your immediate family and best friends will be there.

Later Ceremony
Not a morning person? No problem! Your ceremony will typically be later in the day when you have a Friday wedding, which means you don’t have to start getting ready at 7 a.m. Get that extra beauty sleep!



Location, Location, Location
With a less expensive venue comes more availability for Friday weddings. Saturday is the most popular day to get married, so venues, DJs and photographers will book up fast. Opt for a Friday wedding to secure your dream vendors for your dream wedding...that isn’t three years from now.

Ready to talk Friday weddings? Contact Kim Ash at sales@thedelafieldhotel.com for more information about what the Delafield Hotel can do for your wedding.

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